Three-phase inverter with variable control algorithm




frequency converter, inverter, PWM modulation, scalar control


The paper presents the construction of a three-phase frequency converter with the possibility of choosing the type of PWM modulation and a smooth change of the frequency of the modulated signal. In a practical way, various inverter control algorithms were implemented in the same hardware system using the STM ARM Cortex M3 processor. The use of THIPWM modulation allowed to reduce the harmonic content in the output signal and effectively use the possibilities of the power source. The system can choose one of two scalar control algorithms, with the option of compensation for the influence of the stator resistance on the motor shaft torque in the initial range of the linear control characteristic at a constant voltage to frequency ratio. The research confirmed that the most advantageous type of PWM in this system is unipolar double-edge modulation. The use of the THIPWM method resulted in a gain in the amplitude of the fundamental harmonic of the output voltage for the three-phase inverter operation mode compared to the SPWM method. The appropriate precision of the frequency control step was also obtained, and the test results confirmed the functionality of the converter.


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