Home herbal remedies based on the “School” Calendar of 1896





folk medicine, Polish Galicia, 19th century, folk schooling and education


The article is the source edition of the text originating from the XIX century and primarily published in the calendar contributing the addition to the magazine entitled Szkolnictwo, addressed to the teachers of folk schools. Although the text was published in print in 1895 in Polish, it comes originally from the German publication of Sebastian Kneipp, priest and prominent authority in the field of natural medicine. His work entitled Meine Wasserkur (from 1886), was translated into Polish as early as in 1890. It soon turned out that the treatment method proposed by Kneipp is consistent with folk herbal medicine practised in Polish Galicia. Therefore, the work of Kneipp became the basis of advice and guidance published in Calendar in 1895 as well as this very publication.


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