The editorial office is based in Poland and its activities are guided by the national regulations set out in the Act of 4 February 1994 on Copyright and Related Rights (Journal of Laws of 2021, item 1062). Copyright law protects the object of copyright as ‘any manifestation of creative activity of an individual nature, established in any form, irrespective of its value, purpose or form of expression (work)’ (Chapter 1, Art. 1). A work is covered by automatic legal protection from the moment of its creation. This law determines how others can use the work.

Copyrights can be divided into moral and economic rights. The author’s moral rights cannot be waived or sold, are not limited in time and protect the publisher’s relationship with the author.

The author’s moral rights give the author the exclusive right to use and dispose of the work; can be transferred to other entities, including being based on a contract for the transfer of the author’s economic rights or for the use of the work (granting an exclusive or non-exclusive licence). Conclusion of a contract for the transfer of the author’s economic rights means that these rights are only vested in the buyer (the creator — author — can no longer freely dispose of the work). Conclusion of an agreement for the use of the work (licence) in the above-mentioned fields of use, in the specified scope, place and time, without reservation of exclusivity, does not limit the rights of the author and allows the author to further dispose of the work.

Authors publishing articles in the journal Health Promotion & Physical Activity grant the publisher — the University of Applied Sciences in Tarnow, Poland— a non-exclusive licence based on an agreement approved during the registration of the article in the publication system. This means that after publication, the authors retain the authors’ economic rights to the published work.

Articles published in the journal Health Promotion & Physical Activity are available on the website under an international public licence: Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) (


The editors agree and encourage authors to place published versions of their articles on private websites, individual accounts in institutional repositories, websites created by scientific institutions and research funding entities.

When submitting their articles, authors are required to provide detailed bibliographic information, in particular the title of the journal Health Promotion and Physical Activity, DOI number or URL. Where possible, it is recommended to maintain the licence under which the article has been published in the journal.

The editors recommend that preprints — understood as non-reviewed, original versions of articles submitted for publication — should not be disseminated before completion of the editorial process (publication or rejection). Posting any version of the text submitted for publication on the internet is considered as publication by the editors and may result in rejection of the article.